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Frequently asked questions

SCHA gathered your most frequently asked questions regarding the official closing of the last school year 2019-2020 and the formal opening of the incoming one, 2020-2021, which the COVID-19 pandemic brought to a standstill as of now. Here we try our best to address your concerns and provide you the best people from our team to reach out to. Feel free to scroll down and share.

The intended release date for the students’ report cards is on June 15, 2020 and it will be done by grade level-batch since our city observes strict compliance to the implemented community quarantine for the safety of all.

Once community quarantine is lifted, south city homes academy will post an official schedule for the grade level-batches in the month of June to administer the release of report cards as well as other necessary enrollment papers of the students while observing proper social distancing among parents/guardians.

A settled account of the student allows the parent/guardian to receive the necessary papers like report card from the school. Thus, accounts with standing balance from the SY 2019-2020 can settle their payment through the Asia United Bank (AUB) and/or Bank of the Philippine islands (BPI) Payments for SCHA. Once the acccount is verified clear of its standing collectibles, the parent/guardian can proceed to receive the child’s papers on the schedule to be posted.

A parent/guardian or even the students themselves can consult for their standing balance from their previous class adviser. The adviser will coordinate with the school accountant for verification of the balance being inquired.

There will be no more physical recognition and graduation rites as per the mandate of current community quarantine which prohibits public gatherings to prevent local transmission of the virus, Currently, virtual conduct of these ceremonies are being proposed.

However, there will be a radio broadcast for recognition to be held as per announced by Mayor Arman Dimaguila to which SCHA already submitted a list of its awardees from Grades 6 and 12 of SY 2019-2020.

As of now, materials for the elementary pupils (K-3) are books per set which are being reviewed and prepared. This book set will cost less in comparison with the previous learning materials from past school years.

For elementary (Grades 4-6) and high school, Learning Management System (LMS) with online and offline options is being prepared and reviewed to align with the Most Essential Learning Competencies or MELCs given by the Department of Education in place of textbooks.

Enrollment for the SY 2020-2021 in South City Homes Academy will start by the first two weeks of June through ONLINE ENROLLMENT and INQUIRIES that are planned and prepared to suggest non contact or face-to-face transaction for the better of the many.

Yes, there will be a change in the fees of the students since homeschooling will be an option for the mode of delivery. A complete breakdown is available together with the schedule of school enrollment.

Since there will be no graduation rites, the graduation fee and other refundable fees from the last school year can be refunded starting June 15 by following the schedule to be posted per grade level-batch.

South City Homes Academy will implement an alternative learning mode as suggested by the Department of Education where parents, guardians, and students will choose from options such as Online Classes and/or Modules. A full set-up that will prioritize the health of the students and parents/guardians is currently being planned and prepared.

South City Homes Academy will follow the stated date of opening of classes by DepEd which is on August 24, 2020. The school year will end on April 30, 2021.

There will still be Education Service Contracting or ESC grantees this coming school year. It will be a first come, first serve basis in giving ESC grants. Once the student is enrolled, we will create an account for the parents.

South City Homes Academy is an ESC-Certified Institution which currently has 210 available slots of Incoming Grade 7 students.