School Pride

South City Homes Academy is just the beginning, it is our alumni that tell the full story.

From the moment you become a student at SCHA, you join an extensive and inspiring group of students who have embarked on their adult lives with spirit and the will to succeed, on a myriad of different paths.

There are so many we could mention, but here are just a few of their stories…

edriz mae i soriano

I am currently working with Sodexo Philippines as Space Planning Manager/Facilities Manager. This role is essential as I am the one who is in charge to explore and present alternative workplace design, and to develop scenario plans to accommodate space needs for evolving business needs.

I am also a freelance architect. I do architectural designs for residential and office improvement projects. I am doing this most especially during my spare time – with this, I can represent myself as I am my own boss of my own ability.

Arch. Edriz Mae I. Soriano UAP

Realon, Famela Celine T [G] (1)

My educational journey at this institution was nothing but wonderful. I was never an achiever, I am not on the top of the class, I am not as smart as my other classmates but few of the many things that SCHA taught me were: hard work, perseverance, and never giving up despite failures will get you through anything. I graduated from SCHA with a competent knowledge, boundless opportunities, unfailing faith, and humility –values in which I will always carry with me. I will always treasure these values instilled in me as I handle my patients and give them the best patient care. This is where I started dreaming of saving lives. Now that I was given an opportunity to do so, I will always look back at this place where I started as a small dreamer with big dreams.

Dr. Famela Celine T. Realon

SCHA Alumni Batch 2011


Studying at South City Homes Academy was truly transformational. The different teaching styles and learning approach allowed me to gain understanding on various perspective about life, unleash my potentials, and grow as a leader. I will forever be grateful for the formed friendships, vibrant student life, and enriching experiences

Tommy Adrias

Account Director/Public Relations and Influence Lead,

Ogilvy and Mather


Committed to its vision, “Building a Community of Lifelong Learners,” South City Homes Academy helped me hone my potentials. SCHA really brought out the best in me during my stay in the institution. They transformed me from being a shy-type pupil to an active member of the Student Body Organization. I am very much grateful to my Alma Mater since it imparted me values and skills which helped me reach my goals in life. Now that I am part of the SCHA Faculty, it is about time to give back and share my knowledge to the new generation.

Victor Lorenzo Wong

Bachelor of Science in Biology Batch 2010

carlo banaag

I am a proud product and true loyalist of SCHA as my learning foundation from Nursery until High School. Through SCHA’s worthwhile opportunities and excellent academic structure, it helped me not only in shaping my individual skills and knowledge, but also gave me a holistic character in achieving my best potential and my true passion in life. Simply, I am where I am now, because SCHA is always part of my identity.

Carlo Marted Banaag

E-Commerce / Marketing Manager, Sales and Marketing