From the south of the city where we hail
Where the truth and knowledge prevails
With might we travel the trail
Bound to make the future, brighter than today
Let the good lord above to whom we pray
Guide us always so we may never fail
With ambitions that help us to hold on
Our hardship someday will pay
From our mentors, we learn the words to say
We learn the right things to do from day to day
To read and to write and obey what our
Parents and teachers relay

We may be but small dreamers of today,
But with these dreams will make our nation better
Make everything a good play
That’s the South City Homes Academy way!
Dear Alma Mater, this much we promise you
We’ll always love you just as you love us too
With grateful and well wishing hearts
We’ll forever fight for your rights
South City Homes Academy, dear
We’re proud of you
Your beige and gold will shine the ages through
With might and main come what may
It’s the beige and the gold for aye