Socialize with the students as you walk down along the hallway. It is a path where you can share laughter and leave some memories. Plus, it offers you a large storage for your belongings.


The rooms are much larger than those of the primary institution, but the knowledge it embarks on are pretty much the same. This is where the flower of friendship blooms, and the memories lasts.


The library offers our students a wide supply of knowledge about, simply everything. Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Thesaurus. This is surely the place for wisdom.


When it comes to baking, nothing beats our culinary students. And here in our institution, giving them the right equipment and facilities is a must. So, the Culinary Room serves as the epitome of the student’s productiveness and creativeness.


The Computer Laboratory hasn’t got even better. Now upgraded to the latest systems available on the market, the students can now cope up the latest trends around the world. Thus, learning new skills are possible, since the units are are more user-friendly and offers a broad service of knowledge.


Indulge with our finest dishes and satisfy your cravings. Our cafeteria offers a wide range of meals, starting from snacks down to the main course. It will surely please your tummies.

Join us in creating a community of lifelong learners.

Producing lifelong learners is our main goal. And over the years, our mission is a success. For we have created a community filled with ethically skilled and globally competent students carrying the traits of a prolific pioneer. Join us, and become a lifelong learner!