Take and pass the SCHA Entrance Exam.

Fill out the application form and submit it to the Guidance Office/Admission Officer with the following credentials:

  1. Report Card/Form 138
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Certificate of Good Moral Character

Age Requirements:

  • Toddler – at least three (3) years old
  • Nursery – at least four (4) years old
  • Kindergarten – at least five (5) years old
  • Preparatory – at least five (5) to six (6) years old
  • Grade 1 – at least six (6) years old

Rules for Registration:

  1. When a pupil or student registers, it is understood that she/he is enrolling for the entire school year.
  2. No pupil or student shall be officially enrolled unless he presents the proper school credentials on or before the end of the enrolment period for the school term.
  3. A pupil or student shall be officially enrolled after he has submitted his appropriate admission or transfer credentials, has made at least an initial payment of his school fees which has been accepted by the school, and has been authorized to attend classes in the school.
  4. For purpose of enrolment, the name and other personal data or circumstances of each pupil or student as indicated on his birth certificate or registration, where applicable, shall prevail.

Provisional Enrollment:

A student without any appropriate admission or transfer credentials is provisionally enrolled. She/he may be allowed to attend classes and to earn credits for the subject or subjects he enrolled in during the school year. The provisional enrolment of the student shall be conditioned on the submission of his valid admission or transfer credentials on or before the last day of the school year. A provisionally-enrolled student shall not be enrolled for the next higher grade, course or level for the next succeeding school term, if she/ he cannot submit his valid admission or transfer credentials on or before the period specified herein, and whatever credits for the subject or subjects he may have passed shall not be recognized

Withholding the Credential

The release of the transfer credentials of any pupil or student will be withheld for reasons of suspension, expulsion or non-payment of financial obligations or property responsibility of the pupil or student to the school. The credentials shall be released soon as his obligation shall have been settled or the penalty of suspension or expulsion lifted.